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Full Home Staging Melbourne

Professional property styling is important to have your fall in love and for your home to be sought-after in a competitive property potential buyers. To sell the property faster, and get the best price.

InStyle Staging is the leading property styling company in Melbourne in terms of staging and styling the property market. So if you are in need of complete property styling, styling to work with your existing furniture, or a consultation with a Melbourne property stylist to guide you on market trends and desires, we are here to help.

It’s a fact – staged homes reduces your days on market!

Our aim is to make a client feel at home as soon as they walk in the door. We specialise in styling properties that are vacant or for sale, with furniture and homewares used strategically throughout each property so buyers know exactly what you’re offering them before making an offer on your house!

When selling homes, it’s important not only have appealing features but also overcome any challenges faced by potential renters. Our experienced interior designers work closely together alongside real estate agents during open houses which makes sure everyone has input into how best present themselves professionally

One way to increase the final sale value of your home by 7-11% is through professional staging and house styling. Understandably, a client and their property are all unique, and InStyle Staging is offering a range of services and packages to best meet your individual needs for we also respect each individual differences.

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Complete Staging

Property styling and staging are essential to making a vacant home feel warm, vibrant and aspirational. These qualities in a home will surely make a lasting impression. A property that is devoid of any furnishing, or an investment property, a new build, or a deceased estate may be tailored into a complete styling and staging package to suit the décor and feel of the home. Having all attention to detail when styling a house for sale will surely make a big, material difference come sale time. Staged Homes will provide you with quality furniture, artworks, lighting, and more to choose from.

“Mix and Match” Staging

How to best showcases a property’s features will be our job, especially as an experienced property styling company. As owners and selling agents having some quality existing furnishings this most likely will involve a “mix and match” approach.

We will be by your doorstep, even if you’re from Melbourne’s southeast. Our “mix and match” property styling will help you complement your existing décor with a blend of new and period-appropriate furnishings.

For a fraction of buying everything new,  our home staging Melbourne services will be able to help your get such a designer.

Style and Staging Consulting

InStyle Home Staging is among the leading styling companies in Melbourne, we can offer you a home stylist as a consultant on your project if you prefer the hands-on approach. Through our extensive knowledge of the local selling market, you will get insider tips and suggestions on what furniture to use to make your home “pop” to potential buyers.

Make sure that you are gaining the maximum return on investment by asking the opinion of our expert property stylists in Melbourne prior to renovating.

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Contact us and talk to a qualified and experienced property stylist in Melbourne. We will assist you how to reduce time in the market in HALF while maximising the value of your property. Sit back and relax, allow Staged Home to style your home for sale to attract potential buyers, with our comprehensively fixed price quote.

Get a Property Stylist at the forefront of Home Staging

The property market is unpredictable. Having more than a decade of staging experience that sell quicker and at a higher price in Melbourne and even in the Eastern suburbs. Knowing what the buyers want will give you an advantage, knowing the trends and desires, to put your home at the forefront of available choices.


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