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Homebuyers, nowadays, are not only in search of a house but also a lifestyle! An unstyled home would often have a lower selling price or will take a longer time on the market. Our partial property styling service aims to provide warmth, adding to its competitive edge.

To achieve the best outcome for your property our stylists can make some recommendations for you, but we also understand the differences in each situation. The goal of the transformation is to make sure that sales will be secured in your targeted and potential buyers.

At InStyle Staging, we focus on turning any empty home into a beautiful and welcoming place for you. We make sure clients are well-informed about their options before choosing what’s best suited to them during the consultation process. 

Our team will establish your needs as they pertain to property maintenance such as painting repairs or minor renovations; then give recommendations that might be able meet these standards while still being cost effective!

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